Laser Services

Hair Removal & photo Rejuvenation 

At Shahnaz’s we feel obligated in providing new and improved technology to satisfy your needs and to provide answers to your problems. we are proud yo offer the lates in esthetic technology.

Palomar Rejuvelux System

Palomar Rejuvelux Laser System uses Pulsed light to offer a quick, comfortable and effective results for the following problems

  • Vascular lesions or superficial red veins under the skin’s surface. common vascular lesions include rosacea and spider veins.
  • Pigmented lesions including sun damage or age spots.
  • Unwanted hair for all body parts
  • Acne

We all want clear skin, but find it hard and frustrating due to the imperfections we experience with our skin. Luckily the Palomar Rejuvelux System is here and you dont have to live with these imperfections

Laser Rates

Upper lip OR chin   $25

Full Face   $80

Arm   $120

Underarm   $45

Full Leg   $200

Full Leg & Bikini   $230

Bikini   $50

Brizillian   $120

Back OR Chest   $200

Photo-rejuvenation   $400  Special for $250

per spot   $30