Skin Care Services

Skin Care

European Facial   Reg $ 65   special $ 55

This will include eyebrow shaping, exfoliation, herbal steaming, deep cleansing, extraction, massage, mask and finishing with moisturizer best suited for your skin condition.

Signature Facial   Reg $ 110   special $ 95

specialized to suit any skin condition, includes scalp shoulder & arm massage. Refreshes the skin, and relaxes the mind and soul.

Lift-Defense   Reg $ 100   special $ 85

A treatment which will prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Skin Resonance   Reg $ 95   special $ 79

Equalizing and strengthening treatment for sensitive and delicate skin with decongesting, rebalancing and protective action for reactive skin subject to redness couperous and fragile capillaries.

Active Pureness Regenerating   Reg $ 110   special $ 100

Intensive cleansing treatment with AHA for imbalanced skin and those prone to acne.

Active Pureness Rebalancing  Reg $ 110   special $ 100

Thanks to the possibility of choosing two types of masks, it is a treatment ideal for both oily and depleted impure skins as well as those more delicate.

Hydromemory   Reg $ 95   special $ 79

For intense dehydrated skin, this will leave the skin balanced and hydrated.

Recovery Touch  Reg $ 85   speical $ 75

Anti-oxidant vitaminic treatment with cloudberry extract and canola oil, neutralize free radicals and nourish deeply.

Action Sublime   Reg $ 110   special $ 90

An extraordinary anti-aging treatment with retinol, hyaluronic acid and lacto-proteins for a deep and synergistic action that visibly reduces wrinkles and, thanks to an exclusive massage technique, provides and intense sense of relaxation.

Alphatherapy Collagen  Reg $ 130   special $ 110

Anti-aging collagen treatment in combination with AHA renew skin deeply giving vitality and elasticity to the tissue

Glorios Skin   Reg $ 130   special $ 110

Extraordinary lifting treatment, immediate visible results on expression sighns for a younger-looking skin

Absolute Pearl   Reg $ 85   special $ 70

Anti-spot whitening program. It visibly reduces dark spots and improves uneven complexion

Eye Around Remedy  Reg $ 50   special $ 30

Rejuvenates the area around the eyes, attenuating unsightly swelling and expressions lines, providing hydration, nutrient and a compacting action to this delicate area.

Lip Blooming  Reg $ 50   special $ 30

Rejuvenation replenishing replumping treatments extra care and beauty for lips and lip contour, due to the synergy of rose and fruit extract visible reduces small wrinkles, replenishes and re-plumps the lips

Make Up

Make-Up Application   Reg $ 40   special $ 35

Permanent Make-up eye brow, lips & liner